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Cpl. Maxwell Arthur Kerkham TX3735 - 2/40 Infantry Battalion AIF

7 Platoon, A Company, 2/40 Infantry Battalion AIF

BACK: Maddox TX2772, Wells*, Terry TX3436, Plaister TX2769, Davidson TX2885, Hanson*, Jacobs TX5106, Young TX3744

2ND: McLean TX2234, Wickham*, O'Brien TX2768, Smith TX3518, Jones TX1589, Gill TX3614, Smith TX3526, Russell TX5010, Bailey TX3338

3RD: Burn TX1582, Keating TX4101, Walker TX4183, Tunks TX4190, Kirkham TX3735,Harris*, Lloyd TX3517, Butler TX3462, Elmore TX3790, Russell TX4193, Kingston TX3522

FRONT: Salter TX3340, Dolbey TX5001, Munday*,Keating*, Dolliver TX4200, Dwyer TX3344

*Drafted Out

Hi Grant,

Max Kerkham was my dad. I see him as Mentioned in Dispatches on your page. He died tragically when I was 6 years old. Sadly I have only vague recollections of him.

My mother died 4 years ago and amongst her possessions I found a suitcase in which my father's army uniform and her wedding dress were lovingly preserved together. She remained faithful to him all her life.

Soon after I read Sally Dingo's volume and was saddened to find many errors including the misidentification of his brother Allen, who enlisted at the same time, was captured with him and remained with him in the same camp until their liberation. This leads me to find her volume untrustworthy.

My much older siblings have secreted away most physical traces of my dad found in my mother's belongings. My uncle is now deceased as I presume are most, if not all, of his comrades. I am keen to know him and to know more about him. I am eager to know whether you might have come upon anything in your extensive research, or! whether you can direct me to any human resources who may be able to help.

Many thanks Grant.



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