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“Sharing research is as important as conducting it.”


–Grant McLachlan


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The Author at the National Archives and Records Administration in College Park, Maryland, USA. In the background is some of the 20,000 pages of documents that the Author scanned into digital documents.


Grant McLachlan started researching for Sparrow on September 1 2003. By the time he'd finished writing Sparrow he'd completed four laps of the world and travelled to over a dozen countries following the footsteps of his grandfather's journey during the war.


Here, you'll find a collection of some of the documents that he collected from archives, museums, and sites during that journey. He'll be adding to this collection over time.


Please click on the bottom right hand corner to enlarge the file to cover the full screen. All files can also be found at the Author's Scribd Homepage.


If you'd like copies, please do not hestitate to contact the Author here.

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These are photographs of memorials and graves of people mentioned in Sparrow.

POW Cards

These are photographs of prisoner of war cards of people mentioned in Sparrow that were kept by the Japanese. The red pencil across the cards indicate that the prisoner died.


Sergeant William Rose of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve collected these documents during his war time experiences abroad in the Far East between 6 December 1941 and December 1945. During that time he was a prisoner of war in Java, Changi, Mitsushima, and Kanose camps. 


Bill Rose Collection
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