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The Chilcott family - two generations and two wars

(From left to right)

Dvr. Chilcott, Thomas T23066 (Wilfred's father who served in WW1 at Gallipoli and served in the 10 Auxiliary Horse Transport Company between 9 Oct 1941 and 25 Feb 1943.)

Lieut. Sharman, Trevor Maxwell TX2880 15 Platoon, C Company, 2/40 Infantry Battalion (MIA 23/2, POW 21/4/42 Niki Niki. Ended war in Java).

Pte. Chilcott, Wilfred TX5738 12 Platoon, B Company, 2/40 Infantry Battalion (MIA 23/2/42, captured Champlong 12/3/42. Ended war in Japan).

Anne Brewer shared the following story:

This is a photo of my Uncle Wilfred Chilcott who was part of the Sparrow Force and was captured and reporting missing to family and spent the duration of the war in Japan working in the coal mines. His wife went on to marry and have two children while he was captured as he was thought dead to his family. He is on the right in this photo. He is with his father and a mate with the last name [Lt. Trevor] Sharman. He never really recovered and died an alcoholic and his eye sight was damaged from working in the mines.

(From left)

Chilcott, Thomas T23066 & Victor Joshua Chilcott 2823,

Victor Joshua Chilcott 2823

Thomas Chilcott [Wilfred's father] served in WW1 and tried to enlist for WW11 but was refused on medical reasons. He served in Launceston though [in 10 Auxiliary Horse Transport Company] - it was called like the land army. He was in Gallipoli and looked after the horses and my father said it was under the cliffs. Thomas also had a brother killed - [Private] Victor Joshua Chilcott [2823 - 12th Australian Infantry Battalion, d.8 October 1917 of wounds in France]. Victor was injured in Belguim for the second time but died in the Canadian Hospital in France. He is buried at Mont Huon.

Private Noel Chilcott TX5299 - 1941 and in later years.

Two of his other brothers also served. Wilfred also had a brother Noel who served [Private Noel Chilcott TX5299 - 9 Australia Radio Maintenance Secion]. My father Thomas Chilcott also enlisted and trained at Duntroon but the war ended before he could be sent overseas.

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