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Bdr. Arthur 'Jock' Compton #1552186 - 79th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery RA

Until about ten years ago very little was known about my uncle's war by his wife and sisters.They knew he had been a Japanese POW...

We had the Christmas photo, but his death was recorded as a plane crash after rescue.

All feared he had suffered at the hands of the Japanese... This was a torture to his mother who after the war was seen roaming the streets asking all she met "Have you seen my Jock?"

I started researching his story and found the books by Chater and Paley. I have now read your excellent account and seem to know my uncle a lot more. Perhaps your grandfather and my uncle were friends.

I want to thank personally for this book... I wish his sisters were still alive to hear some of the stories.

Incidentally, I was actually christened Jock after my uncle having been born on the 7th Dec 1945.

- Jock Turnham


Hi Jock,

Thank you so much for your message. Jock Compton was a legend within the battery. He was popular, a leader, and fought bravely. My grandfather really admired Jock and it shows in the book.

It would mean a lot if I could share your story on my website in the ‘Shared Stories’ section. I would also love to include a mention of you in the second edition of my book, which is to be published soon.

Attached are photos of Jock. [Below is a photograph of his engraving at the Singapore Memorial in Kranji, Singapore, which commemorates those lost at sea.]


Grant McLachlan

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