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Lt. John Strickland TX1559 - 2/40 Infantry Battalion

I was actually wondering if you had any information about my Grandpa, he unfortunately passed away only a few weeks after I was born. I have always been fascinated to know more about him, and his war story, but never got the chance to ask. All I know is that he was a Lieutenant and enlisted in Brighton. I'm hoping to find out more about him and the 2/40th in the near future, as I am hoping to enter a public speaking contest with a speech on this topic. If you know anything, it would be wonderful if you could pass along. Thank you!

-Georgia Strickland

From: Grant McLachlan To: Georgia Strickland Subject: Lieutenant John Leake Strickland TX1559 Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2014

Hi Georgia,

Yes, Lieutenant John Leake Strickland TX1559 was an officer in R (Reserve) Company of the 2/40 Infantry Battalion. I’ve attached photographs of him and his details from my book. He was captured at Airkom, Dutch Timor on the 23rd February 1942 and ended the war as a prisoner of war on Java just outside Batavia (Jakarta), Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia.)

You can find his listing in the WW2 Nominal Roll website here:

I also found a digitized version of parts of his service records at the National Australian Archives, which includes a photo of him when he enlisted:

Attached is a screen grab of the search results from “TX1559 Strickland” at

I hope that this is a good start for your research.

Good luck!


Grant McLachlan

From: Georgia Strickland Sent: Wednesday, 19 November 2014 To: Grant McLachlan Subject: RE: Lieutenant John Leake Strickland TX1559

Thank you so much! It's just amazing to even see what he looked like as I only have one photo! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read the book!

I've been sitting here with my Gran sharing this information, and I have showed her the 'trailer' for your book. We also watched the video of all the men you interviewed, and has asked me to ask you if you have the interviews or information for a few of them.

-Lloyd Spencer, most importantly, as he was my Grandpa's 'Batman' in the war, and they remained best friends up until my Grandpa's death in 1997, and even after, he and Joyce still visited. I have very fond memories of him.

-Clyde MacKay, as he and my Grandpa were also good mates, calling each other 'Father' and 'Son'.

-Neville Jetson, he and his wife were terrific friends with my Grandpa and Gran, and visited often when I was young.

-Fred Brett

Kindest regards,

Georgia Strickland

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