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Liberated Sparrow Force soldiers in Singapore, Sept 1945

Although Sumatra had not yet been occupied by Allied troops, Dakota aircraft of RAF, RAAF, and Royal New Zealand Air Force started flying POW and internees to Singapore on 15 September 1945. By 17 September 1945 a regular ferry service was in operation. Australian soldiers from Pakan Baroe, left to right: Gunner (Gnr) L S Strange; Sapper R Jamieson; NX29707 Gnr John Durban Warland; Private (Pte) L G Kennedy and Pte F Watkins. Pte S H Stinger, a patient on a stretcher, being carefully unloaded from the plane. NX47542 Pte Mervyn Lindsay Small, 2/30 Australian Infantry Battalion, who was POW in Palembang. TX4633 Pte Leonard Desmond Glennon; TX4801 Pte James Joseph Cane; VX54498 Pte Stanley Dywell Dent and TX4799 Pte Raymond Noel Balcombe, all of 2/40 Australian Infantry Battalion and have been POWs together at Pakan Baroe. Matron in Chief, Colonel Annie Moriah Sage, talking to a Red Cross Sister.

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