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Reinforcements, 40th Battalion, 2nd A.I.F., Brighton, 16 December 1941

(click on photograph to view PDF format version of this photograph with captions.)

BACK: ?, F.Jarvis TX8314, ?, ?, E.Poke TX5917, R.Johnson TX5941, ?, ?, C.Scott TX5898, ?, ?, ?, A.Broomhall TX8419, ?, ?, A.Hoskins NX42440?, ?, J.Hooley TX3413.

2ND: ?, J.Young TX3744, S.Jenkins TX8300, ?, ?, ?, J.Dawson TX5842, J.Wainwright TX8416, ?, ?, W.Hogan TX8368, H.Cox TX5868, ?, ?, R.Kimpton TX3668, ?, ?, T.Smith TX8413, J.Beswick TX5098.

3RD: ?, ?, ?, ?, L.Scott TX8418, E.Saunders TX8342, R.Dunham TX5817, G.Brett TX5865, V.Dolan TX2782, E.Simpson TX2678, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, G.Andrews TX5905, A.Jackson TX5928, ?, V.Maynard TX5433.

4th: W.Richards TX8412, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, M.Rose TX8436, ?, F.Widdowson TX5914, ?, D.Young TX5829?, J.Dilger TX8395, T.Harriss TX4066, E.Keenan TX8394, W.Hinds TX8375, H.Savage TX8448, ?, D.Williams.

FRONT: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, C.Baillie TX8385, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, K.Beattie?, G.Arnol TX8396, J.Whittington TX8383, J. Arnol TX8345, J. Dinon TX8275, B.Jenkins VX58934, ?.

When I heard about Peter Henning's public request in The Mercury for information to name the men in this photo, I put my thinking cap on. Considering that I already had a high resolution scan of the photo in my image database, I set about seeing whether I could name the men in the photo.

It turns out that I could name most of the men. Using the photos that I have collected for the Faces of Sparrow Force database, I have used advanced facial recognition computer software to identify many of the men in this photograph.

Over time, I will add other unit photographs as I manage to track down what happened to many of the Army mugshots of Tasmanian soldiers. Watch this space.

UPDATE: Click on the top image to view the PDF version of the photo with updated captions.

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