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The map that accompanied Lt. Col. William W. Leggatt's Account of Action Report for Sparrow Force.


This page includes documents relating to Sparrow Force that are available at the National Archives of Australia and the Australian War Memorial.


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Sparrow Force Document Archive

Lloyd Spencer's 2/40 Infrantry Battalion photo albums (plus Geoff Tyson's sketches.)


NAA: Sparrow Force (Timor) - Account of Action - Lt.Col. WW Leggatt, 11 October 1945.

Observations in Timor and Java During 1942 and afterwards - Captain Fred East - 29 October 1945


Brigadier Veale's Report May 1942 for the recapture of Timor.


Lt. E.H. Medlin (2/1 Heavy Battery) Scripture Analysis.


NAA: Occupation of Portuguese Timor - Department of Defence - 30 January 1942. 


NAA: Report by Mr David Ross on Portuguese Timor, December 1941 - June 1942.


NAA: Portuguese Timor following Japanese Occupation, December 1941 - June 1942.


NAA: Top Secret Correspondence between Canberra and Washington DC.